I Have Nothing To Say.

In the spirit of having nothing to say but enjoying the sound of my typing anyway, I think I’ll liveblog my day. It will be hideously boring because I intend on remaining fairly idle but you never know what might happen, this could go down in l’histoire.

Incidentally, a really bad habit I have is speaking English but sprinkling in a few random French words. I  used to be quite fluent in the language when I was teenager and it’s not out of habit or anything, it’s just because I’m an annoying cock. Je suis désolée mais je ne regrette rien! (I’m totally listening to Edith Piaf.)

1:15PM – I’m watching an episode from season 3 Sex and the City. I will never deny my love for this show nor will I stop thinking “I’M SUCH A CARRIE!” no matter how much people tease me. I will say this though – and it’s controversial – but I don’t like Jimmy Choo. Nope, not a fan. It’s like stepping into bricks of solidified vomit.

1:21PM – If the truth be told, I’m a Miranda. Pretty but not traditionally so, wannabe lawyer, completely moody, occasionally selfish, crap at opening up to people but with a nice apartment and a wonderful boyfriend. The only difference is, I’m probably unlikely to have ginger children.

1:45PM – Jumpers, heating, soup, blanket. HOW AM I STILL COLD?

2PM – Ha. I love Beards.







2:23PM – An extended family member who, inexplicably, loves the shit out of me has just texted me to say she’s coming over to make a roast dinner. I WIN.

2.29PM – I am quite neurotic. I might be A Carrie after all.

3PM – I want roast potatoes all up in my face. Starving.

3:54PM – So hungry I’m going to kill somebody/moan on Twitter.

4:34PM – STILL NO DAMN FOOD. On the up side, I’m playing Space Bastards.

4:38PM – Just got into an online argument about feminism, Julian Assange and rape. I need my dinner!

4:52PM – Sorry. Literally nothing is happening.

5:03PM – I want a curry.

6:04PM – GETTING MY OM NOM NOM ON. Finally. Totally wish it was a curry though.

7:03PM – I’m about to sing something belonging to Donna Summer.


11AM – My internet has been borked and I’ve had to do something with my router blah blah blah. What a letdown. I was about to say something really interesting at 10:01PM as well. Shucks.


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