Won’t Somebody Think (Irrationally) of the Children?

If there’s one thing I hate about child molesters – apart from their molesting of children – it’s just how gosh darn overt they are with ogling and molesting and paedophiling. I’m looking at you, NAMBLA. Closer to home? Ex-national treasure Gareth Glitter even penned a recruitment song in an attempt to appeal to lovers of glam-rock up and down the country.

“When will the madness end?” Parents, teachers, social workers and undercover paedophiles are crying. No time soon if Fox ‘Largely-Mistaken, Scaremongering’ 23 News has anything to do with it. Do you find the popular internet meme PedoBear to be funny?

Then you, sicko, ARE A PAEDOPHILE.

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