So it looks like after that hullabaloo regarding Chris ‘Anger Problem’ Brown punching his then-girlfriend Rihanna ‘Pon De Replay Was Better Than Any Shit I Sing Now’ Nosurname a few times and his career taking quite the nosedive, he’s come out the other side and getting gigs again! Hoobloodyrah, the world of music has surely missed his crooning about shorties looking so fine.

He was booked on at the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards to sing Man In The Mirror as a ‘moving’ tribute to Michael ‘Hey Macauly Caulkin, We’re Home Alone!’ Jackson which, I don’t know, is symbolic? I really didn’t like Michael Jackson for a whole bunch of reasons but, even objectively, I’m not so keen on his music.


Genuinely, I’m just not fussed by him. Yeah, he could swivel a bit and hit a high note but I didn’t enjoy it. However, I do like that song. So imagine my delight when I get to hear a lovely performance of it, right?


Hey! Chris Brown!

Nice crocodile tears there, baby. Way to make it all about yourself, homeboy.


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