Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes: Her Wikipedia page tells me she is an actress, comedienne (really?), fashion designer (REALLY?), singer, voice actor and philosopher*.

She recently announced on Twitter, as publicists are a dying breed, that she intends to retire from acting at the tender age of 24. I think she was wasted playing characters, though. Her Twitter feed shows me just what an intelligent, deep thinker this hamster-cheeked girl is. I picked a few of her musings that touched me most to share with you.

I like black men I’m just very attracted to them fyi

I hate perverted dudes ew

BF = boyfriend. GF = girlfriend (because apparently we had no idea)

Sometimes I joke around and sometimes I’m serious

Um hi

And my personal favourite:

I only smile if I’m happy if you catch me smiling I’m happy

I think we can all take a few things away from these Tweets. Namely, Amanda Bynes is void of personality but I’m sure there’s something else in there.

*I totes added that for LULZ


5 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes

  1. Hater article…. I talked with her on set before, she is a very nice person, and fun to talk to. Twitter is just something publicists make them do, so don’t expect any actual thoughts to appear there. She is a lot more intelligent than people think, not just another pretty face.

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