I have a confession to make:

Sometimes, when writing assignments at university, I’d use Wikipedia as a point of reference.


During my first  year of LLB Law, I’d Wiki it up when I needed to see the date of a big case but I wouldn’t look to it for quotes from the judgments (maybe once). If you’ve ever had to use MyAthens, you might feel my pain of finally being bothered to search through endless databases and resources for one little bit of information and then trying to log into it only to realise that you’ve forgot your password. You could phone up that reliable classmate in the other Halls across town but you’re slightly wasted and it’s 4am on the day of the hand-in date so you don’t. You look at Wikipedia for the information and then accidentally leave that out of your bibliography. I (hopefully) can’t have been the only person to do that.

We all know it’s bad blah, blah, blah,  people can edit it blah, blah, blah and Vernon Kaye’s page was changed to say he’d died but it wasn’t true blah, blah, blah but I’ve never stumbled upon anything that made me facepalm and rub my belly as I chuckle heartily…

…And I still haven’t but I did see this slightly amusing bit of information when I was looking up the synopsis of a 2009 Brittany Murphy film that nobody’s heard of (Deadline):

‘The movie premiered at some place in some plae [sic] in October 2009.’

It’s both funny and sad that not even the studio that made it liked this film enough to check and edit their Wiki page. It must be shit. I am so watching it.


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