Yay or Nay?

I am so ready for a change of style; I’m Little Miss Skinny Jeans Or Vintage Dresses. New season, new wardrobe. But where shall I get my inspiration? Vogue? Meh. Pop stars? Meh. Movies? Hmm. TV? Yes!

It’s coming up to summer so maybe I should get some vests to keep cool in; but then, what if I suddenly need to go somewhere formal? I should get a tie. It gets a bit chilly in the evenings though so I’ll probably have to pick up some gloves… Oh, hang on – ARM WARMERS? No, too wintery. Fishnet arm warmers? Excellent. I’m a little bit wacky too, so I’ll probably get some red shoe laces to put in my trainers so people that pass me on the street can see my personality on my feet.

If only I could see someone on TV with the same sort of style, then I’d get a feeling of what I’ll look like….



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