Hello 2004, Remember Me?

I found my old Photobucket account from back when I was around 15/16. It had the same effect as when you find an old diary you had when you were about 13 and just moaned about your mum being a bitch and wondered what it meant when a boy put two kisses at the end of a text message instead of one. In other words, it made me go “OHHHHNOOOOHMYGODNONONONONONO”. All I can say is, I’m bloody glad I’ve realised the power of the fringe.

I thought I’d share a few of the pictures here but in five minutes I think the cringe factor might have reached Level OHMYGOD and I’ll  have to take them down. We shall see.

Spot the brown one! Age 15 going to see My Chemical Romance (shut up) in London with the rest of Southampton’s emo squad. Look how cool we were. I was wearing a red shirt and little black jumper over it; I turned up at the coach station to see my best friend wearing a black shirt with a little red jumper over it. Everyone else wore black. We looked like a lesbian couple. A lesbian couple ready to rock.


Look! We’re in a toilet! Swigging cider from a carrier bag! Oh, to be young again.

These are my best friend’s breasts. Excited? DON’T BE. She’s about 15 there, you pervert.

And this is from Fresher year at university, just before I discovered the fringe.

I love you, Memory Lane.


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