In Other News, Grass Is Green.

In today’s Sun (I know, I know), Mystic Meg gave her view on the ‘quickest marriage in the history of politics’. For those unaware, Mystic Meg is an astrologer and psychic. By that, I mean ‘mentalist’ and ‘fraud’*.

I don’t generally read The Sun so Meg has dropped off my radar since the golden days spent watching her look into her shiny ball on the National Lottery have long gone but, my word, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on such a treat. It would appear her psychic abilities are as impressive as Uri Gellar’s are in regards to psychokinesis, i.e NOT AT ALL.

This is her view. Which was paid for. For some reason.

Cameron is a Libra, the star sign that uses charm and word power to achieve success…

Well, yes. He’s the new PM. Ashlee Simpson is also a Libra but I’d just use the words ‘meh’ and ‘so-so’ to describe her.

…Clegg is a Capricorn, most determined of signs. Mind planet Mercury shows he’s ready to play a long game…

I’m also a Capricorn and Meg missed out ‘sexiest of signs’, ‘most intelligent of signs’ and ‘has the best shoe collection of signs’.

…Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah….

The third paragraph gets boring.


Hahaha. Uranus. Your anus.

…Cameron may try to push changes too fast. But after fiery rows there should be a reconciliation. They need each other. 

So, the new Conservative Prime Minister may quickly try and put his stamp on government and fix what he sees as a  broken society caused by New Labour? Didn’t see that coming. What else? The Conservative-right and the Liberal-left may not see eye-to-eye on some matters? Crumbs. The Prime Minister needs the support of his Deputy? Brand new information.

Crikey, I can’t believe I thought Mystic Meg spoke out of her arse. She clearly sees things better than we all do.

*In my humble (logical) opinion.


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