Moany McMoanerson.

I don’t like American Dad. I don’t like Futurama. I don’t like what Family Guy has become and The Cleveland show makes me want to plunge a knife straight into my heart. Most of all, I don’t like The Simpsons.

I don’t like Christina Aguilera. I don’t like Fergie. I’m now too unsettled by Britney Spears’ nipples being constantly erect to like her and the thought of listening to anything Madonna has made after 1990 makes me want to repeatedly smack my face with a hot iron. Most of all, I dislike Ke$ha.

I mean, just imagine if The Simpsons and Ke$ha ever did some sort of odd cartoon/Tik Tok collaboration. Just. Imagine. I would hate it! I’m so glad that seems like too much of a ridiculous idea to ever happen.



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