I Want My Prime Minister To Be Able To Look, With Both Eyes, In The Direction To Which He Is Speaking.

That lovable rogue and BNP party leader, Mr Nick Griffin, and his right-hand man Something Somethingson were secretly filmed displaying themselves as the – shock, horror! – vacuous racists that any person with a clue already knew they were. Cop a load of this, whities and darkies alike:

I think we need to bring up the elephant in the room here.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I’m a ‘person of colour’. The colour of fried chicken, hippidy-hop and crystal meth if you’re a part of the BNP. Half Nigerian to anyone else. Sort of like this…

…but with lighter skin and longer hair.

In light of this totally shocking outburst from Fatty and Oldy, I toddled along to the BNP website to take a butcher’s at their immigration policies which just consisted of, as I really already knew, a few different ways of saying ‘GET THEM OUT’. For example:

‘Review all recent grants of residence or citizenship to ensure they are still appropriate’.

This is lame with a capital ‘Nick Griffin is a cunt’. You just know that if Boss-Eye McDepthIssues were to become PM (LOLpleaseneverLOL) that he would assign every legal immigrant a rapist and pack them off to their ‘respective countries of origin’.

But then I got to thinking, my brothers from another mother, what would the UK be like without all the vibrant multiculturalism? Aside from the fact that people who have passed the test need a medal just for caring/answering questions about county population and the year legislation was passed allowing women to divorce their husbands (really, who wouldn’t need to Google that up?), I’m-a thinking a lot of things would be missed.

This is where I was going to do a ‘Things We’ll Take Back’ list, but all I can think of are jokey jokes about asking for your PIN number and that’s really not helping the cause. Instead, I’ll just make you a deal. In return for you not voting BNP, I’ll figure out a way to ship Gina Yashere off to Nigeria. No one wants her around.

I mean, just look at that face.


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