Unicorns, Glitter, Puppies and Sweets.

I don’t moan all the time.


Actually, that’s probably a lie.

I moan a fair whack of the time but I like to think it’s always good-natured. Harmlessly sarcastic – a moment that’s made more for comedic effect as opposed to me just acting like I’ve got a thorn in my fanny. 

Anyway, I thought I’d do a nice little light-hearted post to show that I’m all unicorns and candyfloss, really. I’m wearing a jumper with love hearts all over it. In a fleeting moment of boredom I even drew smiley faces on my finger tips to play around with and keep me amused. Are those the actions of a Milly Moaner? Would Victor Meldrew have done those things? I think not, friends. I think not.

So, in the spirit of being jovial, I’m going to make a list of six things I am happy and thankful for having in my life. It was originally going to be ten but, it turns out, I can’t think of that many.

6. The ‘no crease’ option on washing machines.
During my years at university, I only ever ironed one dress once. I damn loved this option.

5. Tinned chickpeas.
Just the other day I was making falafel (pardon me? Domestic goddess? Best wife ever material? Yes, I know) and I was whinging about having had to soak the chickpeas over night only to have to put them on simmer for a couple hours. Turns out you can totally get tinned chickpeas that you just need to bring to the boil! Whoda’ thunk it? Not me, clearly.

4. My niece.

The only way I can justify watching Peppa Pig is doing so with my 5 year old niece. Although, horror, I’ve noticed that she’s really started to get bored with it and graduating onto more mature shows like Scooby Doo. I really don’t know what I’m going to do when she’s over it.

3. Sainsbury’s having a ‘two pots for £1.80’ deal on houmous.
Roasted red pepper housmous x2. Enough said.

2. Being a shoe size 5.
All my friends are giants with big feet and I love everyone going “awww, looky! Teensy weensy ickle feetsy!” It makes me feel cute.

1. My boyfriend Daniel.
He loves me even when I have a massive, radiating spot on my chin.
He loves me even though I (not so) secretly love Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers.
He loves me even though I (apparently) do the lamest South African accent ever. I totally disagree.

The most stressful part of my day today was deciding whether to get flavoured Volvic or not (as if I had to think! Always with the flavoured) so I’m a happy bunny really.


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