I Think It’s Time For Bed.

Day number I DON’T FUCKING REMEMBER of my detox and it’s going OK.

I get to introduce some more substance into my system on Wednesday. Oh. Joy.

I do this twice a year or whatever because, I dunno, I must have read it was good for you or something. I don’t remember. Nothing is making sense right now. All I’m hopeful for is that my skin had better be glowing and my internal organs detoxified and grateful for this.

I drew a little picture of the only darn-tootin’ thing I can think of right now for your viewing pleasure.

It’s a burger. With the sun shining out of its arse.
I’m a vegan; I don’t even eat burgers. Well, I have some pepper and mushroom burger things in the freezer but I had one and all I was all “well, this isn’t cow is it? Should I be slightly craving cow? ‘Cos I am. If I don’t tell anyone, no one will know. If no one can see me actually eat the cow, then it doesn’t count. Right? Who am I talking to?”.

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