The Printed Press? You Can Hail Me As Your Saviour Later.

I spend money like it’s going out of fashion. I’m an impulsive buyer and I’m one of those who can’t just go out and buy a skirt; I have to buy the top, the shoes, the lingerie, the accessories, the bag, the soundtrack and the kitchen sink to go with it.

At the moment, I’m going through a phase of buying books where ever I go. I buy billions in Oxfam because they’re about a pound but Jesus H Christ, look what I purchased today:

What do you see before you?

Two books.

Two books that I bought for seventy-pissing-five pence. I almost lost control of my bowels at that.

Onto the bookshelf! But in a slightly disorganised and shabby chic way that is totally mastered but is to look like I’m so nonchalant about it all.


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