People With Ears, You Can Thank Me Later

Hello my loyal and trusted minions followers. I thought we could get to know one another and be like old friends. Or new friends. Best friends.

I figured, in between my usual bouts of try-hard hilarity, I would add some personal posts. And by ‘personal’ I mean things about my weight fluctuations, menstrual cycle and recurring vaginal imbalance issues*.


As if I would [this early on in our virtual relationship]. I mean films/musics/fashion/politicians/mathematical equations I like. Shit like that. I will preach to you, followers. Thou shall digest and take heed (if you want).

Today, darlings, it’s my favourite six songs of the week, complete with review. These are not necessarily new songs out; in fact I don’t think any of them are this week. However, they are tres bon and from a couple artists you may not know. So I’m doing you a favour**.

So, possums, in no particular order:

Hockey – Wanna Be Black  (From the album Mind Chaos)

You may have heard Hockey’s ‘Song Away’ used on an advert from some dire E4 programme (it’s a catchy ditty). I can’t be bothered to check to be more concise, sorry. Anyway, this album track is better. I rate it: Great.

Johnny Cash – Hurt (A Nine Inch Nails cover)

I hate Nine Inch Nails. Burning hate. A burning, irrational hate. However, I had to put this version back on the ol’ playlist after finally watching Walk The Line with LipScar Phoenix and Chins Witherspoon. I rate this: Also Great.

Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper (From the album The Midnight Organ Fight)

Again; this is great. Also sung in a Scottish accent making it exotic. (Also – check out the beard! Nice work).

Delphic – This Momentary (From the album Acolyte)

We all know Delphic from Radio One wanking all over Doubt and playing it all the fucking time. I don’t listen to that station very much*** but when I do, it’s either that or the one with Timbaland trying to chat up Katy Venereal Disease Perry. Anyway, this too is great.

Nneka – Heartbeat (From the album No Longer At Ease)

This is one for my bruddas ‘n’ sistas. Half Nigerian (woo) and half German, this singer/songwriter is The Nuts. Could do with a bit of Frizz Ease, but is otherwise a solid ‘great’.

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn (From the album Tourist History)

I don’t know anything about this band so actually have nothing to say. It’s great, mind.

There you go. You are welcome.

* I can’t stress enough how much this isn’t true; I made it up for the microlols. My vadge is perfect.
** You can send your gratitude via PayPal.
*** Save 6 Music!


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