For All Those Wanting A Quick Guide To Omegle, You Can Thank Me Later.

So, Omegle, eh? Screw Chatroulette; if I want to enter a chatroom, I want it to be as anonymous and sleazy as it gets. Created by an 18 year old American and welcoming around 150,000 unique visitors a day, Omegle is the latest downfall of society/dangerous risk to our children/secret Nazi operation/run by atheists/other such bad things tabloids squawk out. Turns out, it’s ridiculously addictive and completely silly.

***Also, I’ve noticed something a bit funny with the tabs I had open while I was having an Internet Party on Omegle. Firstly, I wasn’t Googling Razzle to look at boobs. I was having a conversation about pornography magazines and wanted to doublecheck Razzle was one. (Honest.) Secondly, yes I was Googling how to do a screen dump. I can’t believe the keyboards actually have a ‘Print Screen’ button and I didn’t even notice. I am stupid.

These are the things spending an hour in the realm of batshit crazy websites taught me yesterday. Behold some truly wonderful life lessons.

1.  Thugs don’t use Omegle.

2. People aren’t as helpful and altruistic as I thought they were.

3. It’s not easy to groom children.

4. The Pope is a fan.


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