Teenage Dirtbag, You Can Date Me Never.

I was chatted up by an eighteen year old yesterday. I tell you, they don’t make them how they used to. Rhett Butler, he wasn’t.

Boy: What do you do?
Me: I’ve recently left university.
Boy: So, you sit around and chill? You sit around and jam?
Me: Sorry. Do I make jam?
Boy: How can I contact you, get to know you?
Me: Uh….
Boy: Do you have Facebook?
Me: No.
Boy: Bebo?
Me: No.
Boy: MySpace?
Me: No.
Boy: Hi5?
Me: What?
Boy: Friendster?
Me: Eh?
Boy: Faceparty?
Me: Not since 1999.
Boy: OK. You use MSN?
Me: No.
Boy: Wow. Like, how do you, y’know, contact people?
Me: With a phone.
Boy: Wow. How old are you? 22? Fuck, that’s so old.
Boy: Can I have your number?



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