My Insomnia, You Can Keep Me Awake Later.

Hello 4am.

How are you? I write this letter in anticipation of our meeting later. We will meet, won’t we? We’ve been hanging out together daily for a while now, I guess I just take it for granted we will be again today.

I need to be honest with you, 4am. I’ve been trying to avoid you. I feel like we’ve achieved all we could possibly dream of achieving together. What more could we do? Just as I’m about to escape your clutches, you creep up on me and force me to entertain you.

Well, not any more. I’m taking a stand. That’s it, we’re over. I’ve been seeing someone else. 1am is just so much more caring. I’m comfortable in its presence and it understands when I need to go.

Let’s spend some time apart.

Sweet dreams, 4am.

Allie. x


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