A Conversation.

This is a wee little snippet from a conversation I heard with a friend, today, we’ll call her Leprechaun O’Connor (£10 if you can guess her nationality). We are quite different, this is just one example.

Leprechaun: Have you ever watched porn?
Me: Honey, is your priest a paedophile? (I jest, I jest. I said “is your Pope a Catholic?” I was totally thinking the paedophile thing, though).
Leprechaun: Uh, well, I haven’t.
Me: What?
Leprechaun: Ever.
Me: …What?
Leprechaun: I’ve never made myself come.
Me: What?
Leprechaun: I’ve never masturbated.
Me: What?
Leprechaun: I don’t like my boyfriend to use his fingers.
Me: Seriously. What?
Leprechaun: Should I know what my vagina looks like?
Me: What?
Leprechaun: I don’t think girls should masturbate.

Isn’t it funny how opposites attract, even in friendships? Har de har har.


One thought on “A Conversation.

  1. she must be from a small town in Ireland, lol.you should get her pissed and then show her how to masterbate, and how good fingers inside feel.It may be to early to talk about anal fingering just yet, she may faint, lol..love it x

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